New Year, More Solar in Southeast PA

As town after town passed Sierra Club’s Ready for 100 resolution — a commitment to power the entire town 100% with renewable energy — curiosity about local solar projects grew. 

Many of our volunteer teams are faced with fielding questions not only about residential rooftop solar from their friends and neighbors, but also on their township buildings, on the local supermarket, the community theater or a parking lot!

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So last year we setup Solarize Southeast PA, to educate and support our volunteer teams in the the 25 Southeast PA towns that have passed a Ready for 100 resolution.

Our team is led by Meenal Raval and Marion Biddle, who both have rooftop solar on their own homes. Meenal’s system is ballasted on her flat roofed row home; Marion’s system is anchored onto the steep roof of her Victorian era home. Both systems generate enough electricity for their household and electric car needs.

We speak at community events; we give examples and photos of local homes; and we answer questions, since for many people, this is the first time they are considering this investment in local electricity production.

We often have one on one conversations with our neighbors (other homeowners) — about the need to get off fossil fuels, about the need to use less energy, about being smart about our energy use, about the need to electrify everything, and about powering it all with clean energy. We do this work mostly via email, sometimes over long phone conversations, and of course, when we’re invited to speak, or table, at events. 

Then, if your roof looks sunny enough, and you’re ready to talk with a solar installer, we’ve got several locally owned companies we partner with. In 2020, we’re happy to announce that we’re partnering with Exact Solar, Solar States and Kiss Electric. 

So, consider Solarize Southeast PA as your first stop when considering solar — contact us for a free solar assessment of your roof! 

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