Solarize Southeast PA

Got Sun?

Join the clean energy revolution and start generating your own electricity! 


We’re neighbors promoting solar, here to answer questions & offering free roof assessments. We can present to a group, or answer individual questions about your clean energy options. 

What we do

  • Assess your roof & estimate solar potential
  • Compare with current usage & offer approximate cost
  • If needed, suggest ways to reduce electricity usage
  • Discuss “Electrifying Everything” to transition fossil fuel uses to electric
  • Share stories about local solar installations
  • Answer questions, resolve concerns
  • Connect you with vetted local installers  

Where to begin?

  • If you live in Philly, see Solarize Philly
  • If you live in Delaware County, see Solarize Delco.
  • The Greater West Chester area is spawning their own Solarize campaign this year. See the Solarize Greater West Chester page on this site. Use this whether you live in Greater West Chester or anyplace in Chester County.
  • If you live in Montgomery County, you’re in luck. We’re kicking off Solarize Montco with regular open meetings where you can get your questions answered. Our initial meeting will be on Tuesday April 20th at 4pm, and every other Tuesday after that.
    • We’ll talk about ways to reduce electricity usage, about transitioning away from fossil fuels like gas and gasoline, and offer a free solar assessment of your roof. Come with a PECO bill to see how much of this can be generated right from your rooftop!
    • If you already have rooftop solar, we can drop off a lawn sign. A sign on your front yard is sure to get your neighbors to ask about your great decision.
    • Stay tuned for Solarize Montco!
  • If you live in Bucks County, please use our contact form
  • Of course, we’re also available to speak to your congregation or civic group. Do please write us!

Page last updated: May 8, 2021