Solarize Southeast PA

Got Sun?

Join the clean energy revolution and start generating your own electricity! 


We’re neighbors promoting solar, here to answer questions & offering free roof assessments. We can present to a group, or answer individual questions about your clean energy options. 

What we do

  • Assess your roof & estimate solar potential
  • Compare with current usage & offer approximate cost
  • If needed, suggest ways to reduce electricity usage
  • Discuss “Electrifying Everything” to transition fossil fuel uses to electric
  • Share stories about local solar installations
  • Answer questions, resolve concerns
  • Connect you with vetted local installers  

Meet us at upcoming events… 

Come with a PECO bill. We’ll talk about ways to reduce electricity usage, about transitioning away from fossil fuels like gas, and offer a free solar assessment of your roof! if you already have rooftop solar, please accept a lawn sign to get more people to consider rooftop solar!

Want us to speak to your congregation or civic group? Please contact us

Page last updated: Feb 21, 2020