Electrify Everything & Power it All with Clean Energy

We’ve been referring to this mantra…Electrify Everything & Power it All with Clean Energy.

We learned it years ago from a David Roberts post back in 2016 titled The key to tackling climate change: electrify everything. The Nissan Leaf ad in this article is hilarious, so much that we’re sharing it again.

Recently we read this post by the Sierra Club, specific to households: Electrifying Your Home Is Good for You, and for the environment. We like this because it highlights the need to get off gas…

In 2017, the residential sector accounted for about 16 percent of US natural gas consumption.

Whether you use it for cooking…

Researchers have been finding that gas stoves are producing dangerous levels of indoor pollution, levels that would be illegal outdoors…

Whether you may be concerned about safety…

“These gas pipelines are under us—under our homes and streets—and they are aging and leaking methane,” says Nilles. “Many fires after earthquakes are caused and fueled by gas leaks. This infrastructure is just extremely dangerous.”  

Whether you’re planning to build a new home…

On average, all-electric homes cost $5,000 less to build than a home that includes gas.

Whether you heat your home or water with gas…

For California, replacing gas with clean electricity, especially for space and water heating, can bring down greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from single-family homes by up to 90 percent within the next three decades.

With our current discussions about workers laid off after the fire and explosion at the PES refinery in Philadelphia, it’s crucial that job training include fuel-switching (from gas to electric).

“Job training and creating a state-based clearinghouse of experienced contractors and HVAC professionals is important so people can find someone easily in their area who is experienced with fuel-switching,”

When you do end up electrifying your home, you, too, will need to cap your emissions-free chimney as I recently did!

Meenal Raval of Solarize Southeast PA, lives in an all-electric frack-free row home in Philadelphia.

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