Solarize Greater West Chester

Our Mission

Promote and advocate on behalf of people and businesses in the Greater West Chester (GWC) area interested in learning about the latest opportunities for distributed clean energy generation. The GWC team is specifically focused on the West Chester area, but we are a part of the larger SolarizeSoutheastPA team. We use the same process and have access to the same great resources.

Solarize GWC will review of your home’s appropriateness for rooftop solar and advice on how to make the process as pain free as possible, and explore ways to reduce your current energy requirements so your solar investment is as small as possible. We are not connected to any particular solar installer or any other business. We’ll never send you a bill or expect a referral fee. We are neighbors helping neighbors navigate the complex process of distributed energy.

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If you are ready to start this conversation, just fill out this form. We will not share your info with any installer. Someone from the Solarize/GWC team will respond soon.

2021 Chester County Clean Energy Tour

Take an online tour of residential solar installations in Chester County starting on Oct 2. 
Chester County Clean Energy Tour | ASES National Solar Tour

Rooftop Solar in West Chester – A Case Study

Here’s a short presentation describing the experiences of putting solar on a suburban WC home.

West Chester Area Clean Energy Future

West Chester Area Clean Energy Future

For more info on Reducing, Electrifying and Transitioning our energy use to 100% renewable sources head over to the West Chester Area Council of Government’s site to see a Clean Energy Future.

Drive-By Examples

These residents and businesses in the West Chester area have given us permission to invite you to drive by their home to see their rooftop or ground mounted solar system:

  • Coming Soon

last update: April 16, 2021