Do we still need that blue flame in our kitchens?

A family in nearby Narberth, one that enjoys cooking, has been trying to reduce their dependency on fracked gas. Aware of health issues from cooking with gas, and hearing about the very efficient electric induction cooktops, they decided to try out cooking with an induction top without spending a lot of money. They bought a single “burner” induction hot plate.

They’re sharing that they use this single hotplate for about 90% of their cooking. Even for caramelized onions! It’s that precise. In the process, they discovered that most of the time, they use only one burner at a time. Their oven is electric, they have an electric kettle, and so very rarely use gas to cook. 

They still have their gas cooktop. What a smart way to electrify! 

I have a similar experience. Wanting to shift from gas, I, too, purchased a single burner induction cooktop for about $50. I found that most of my stainless steel cooking pots were aluminum clad, and wouldn’t work with an induction top. I have since replaced the gas stove with a simpler electric stove (not induction), but with a smooth top that’s so easy clean up after spills. This cost me around $400. 

Our induction hotplate is now on a long term loan to a friend who needs an oxygen tank 24×7, would rather not have a flame in her kitchen, and is also concerned about fracking chemicals entering her kitchen, adding to her vulnerability. 

How do you get off gas? We’d love to hear, and share! 

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