Announcing Solarize Southeast PA

Over the winter and spring, our Ready for 100 teams in Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties showed films, educated their community about the need to act on climate by transitioning to renewable energy, and convinced each of their townships to sign the Ready for 100 resolutions. Now, 17 townships have committed to power their towns with renewables! 

In the process, many residents have expressed interest in a Solarize program — where households unite to install rooftop solar on each of their homes.

So last week on Earth Day, we issued a request for proposal from many area solar installers, asking about their businesses, the products they work with, the services and warranties they offer, and the prices they’ll offer based on our group size. We’ve also asked about the financing they offer. The responses should come in by May 6th, and we’ll announce which installer(s) we’ll work with by May 22nd; if not sooner!

image credit: Solarize Greater Media

If you’re considering rooftop solar for your house, and would like to be included in this buying group, please contact us.

Also, if you have a neighbor or friend interested, please loop them in. The more households we get, the more we all save!

Of course, if you have questions, please reach out.


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